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10 Money Saving Tips

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Moving house is a very expensive proses and in many cases, one would prefer to save as much as possible. We have a list of ideas that could help keep some cash in your wallet.

1.     Used Warehouse boxes or Second-hand-box suppliers

Most warehouses and hypermarkets gather used boxes before sending it for recycling. Why not get in contact with them? You might need to do some research and phoning around to find a willing supplier but it will save you quite a bit financially. Alternatively we can provide you with even an easier solution, Primovers can supply you with double walled 2nd hand boxes for a fraction of what one would pay for new boxes.

2.     Keep original boxes

Reuse the original packaging of the appliances or your television you purchased but never decided to dispose of the boxes. And at the same time, you never know when the time will come that you’ll have to pack a box again. Maybe you need to move again a year later… To save you from needing to go through the same procedures of hunting for boxes again, flatten the boxes and store it until next time.

3.     Clearly mark the boxes with a permanent marker and stickers

With a permanent marker, mark on the box the room that the specific box need to go to and also write on the box a number. Then, on a notepad write the number and the contents of the box. One can also place colour coded stickers on the various items & boxes to help keep track to where the items must be placed on arrival at your new residence. (E.g. Blue sticker items goes to Room 1 and red sticker items to go to the garage)

4.     Don’t chuck it, shred it

Everyone gathers stacks of old paperwork that later only ends up on the bottom of a shelf somewhere. If you have a shredder or a friend that owns one, instead of throwing away unnecessary documents, papers & magazines, why not shred it and use it as packaging material for breakables & fine-ornaments.

5.     Wrap breakables in garments

To save on packaging material like e.g. bubble wrap, make use of newspapers or wrap breakable items in garments, clothes, socks etc. to provide for extra cushioning. Even pillows, towels and blankets can be used.

6.     Use your Suitcase

Some items are just too heavy to carry especially items like books. You can place such items in a wheeled suitcase instead of utilizing more boxes.

7.     Take photos or short video clips of your belongings

For insurance purposes it’s always good to take note of the quality of your belongings before it’s loaded on the truck. Take photos or short video clips of the items one can identify scratches and dents. It’s important to know what insurance cover is specified on the Insurance Package you’ve chosen. Anything could go wrong along the way. Make sure you are covered to eliminate any disappointment.

8.     What cable goes where?

Not all of us are technicians, so you can before you decide to hire a cable guy, take photos of the connections of all your electronics and utilities e.g. Television connections before you plug everything out and take it apart for packaging. When it comes to handling a dish or wires on the roof we’d recommend you make use of the professionals.

9.     Middle of the month moves are more affordable

When choosing a furniture removal company one need to keep in mind that the majority of their clients would want to have their move done at the end of the month. Usually leases start at the beginning of the month or in some cases business usually transfer employees at the end of the month. All of this causing that it’s more expensive. Plenty of furniture removal companies (including ourselves) would be very grateful if they can rather book some clients in the middle of the month, spreading the work load more equally across the month. Why not rather slot your move in for the middle of the month when it’s cheaper? In that way both the removal company is happy and you as client is saving some cash.

10.  Communication is money

This is by far the most important tip we got to provide. It’s critical that the furniture removal company you’ve chosen is well informed of all your required arrangements. Rather overcommunicate. From knowing in detail of the contents of your home as indicated on your Inventory List, to which apartment level you stay or will be moving to, to the truck restrictions at both the residences, to the insurance package you’ve settled for etc. All of these aspects of moving can turn out to unforeseen penalties and unneeded expenses if there was no proper communication between all the parties involved.


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Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.

Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.