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8 Week Guideline for Moving House

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Moving house can be a very stressful proses. Whether moving a short or long distance. Let’s face it, you as client are allowing someone you’ve never met before to carry your belongings out your front door… It’s better to plan ahead and make sure your side of the moving proses is done and ready to therefore leave the biggest part of the burden to the professionals. Below we’ve put together a 8 week guideline to moving house in order to help lighten the stress levels of moving.

7 to 8 Weeks before your moving date
  • Take a trip through your home to determine what items will be required to be moved and what you truly no-longer need. Dispose of unneeded items or one can even hand that to charities.
  • The next step is to make a list of everything. Before one can get a quotation from any furniture removal company, they will require an inventory list to help them determine their best price possible. Attached is our Inventory List template for your convenience. Should you prefer, you are welcome to contact our sales staff who would gladly be of assistance.
  • Get your quotations and decide on the company that will be assisting you with your move. Hopefully it will be Primovers…
  • Before confirming the removal company of your choice, make sure you have read and understand their Terms & Conditions to eliminate any form of miscommunication. Kindly note this will differ from transporter to transporter so please make sure you understand what you are paying for.
  • Book a removal date and request an estimate lead time for the truck to arrive at your new residence. Kindly note, the majority of furniture removal companies usually operate on “Shared loads” which means that we have various clients they also need to assist with the same truck. This could make an impact on the loading and delivery dates.
  • If you stay in and estate or planning to move to one, it’s very important to take note of the estates truck weight restrictions. Most furniture removal companies will be transporting your belongings with very large trucks which will not be allowed to enter at an estate or complex environment and therefore one will need to arrange for a separate shuttle service that will need to assist in transporting your belongings to or from the big truck standing outside of the estate. It’s important to communicate this information with the furniture removal company of your choice as it may affect the cost factor and the timeline.
  • A long-distance move usually requires a few days to complete. Approximately 3 to 5 working days and sometimes it could take even longer. The sooner one can make the necessary travel arrangements the better. Book the flight and hotel in advance to eliminate charges of last-minute bookings.
  • Should you have a Vehicle to be removed, or specialised items like a Grand Piano, Art & Antiques or especially your Pets that also need to be transported, it’s important to know that these particular services will need to be arranged separately as many furniture removal companies including ourselves do not offer these types of services. We will gladly assist in putting you in contact with the best selection of service providers.
  • The majority of furniture removal companies do not have power-points on their trucks, therefore one will not be able to transport e.g. a deep freezer stocked with perishable foods. The aim would be to try and consume these items in advance…
5 to 6 Weeks before your moving date
  • When you have your new confirmed residence, it’s always good to notify your various service providers (Bank service, Post Office, etc.) of the new address changes.
  • Remember to also notify schools, colleges and day care centres.
  • Now would be a good time to start packing unless you’d prefer the furniture removal company of your choice or packing company to handle the wrapping and preparing of your belongings on your behalf. Follow our link for some good and proper packing tips.
3 to 4 Weeks before your moving date
  • Items like full gas bottles, aerosols, paint, propane tanks, etc are prohibited on the furniture removal trucks as it is hazardous. It would be good to dispose of these types of items. Arrange for the removal of waste, rubble or recycling products.
  • Place name tags or coloured stickers on all boxes and number them. Indicate on the boxes where one would want the boxes to be placed at the new residence. Have a personal list at hand that will give you an idea of what items are packed in which boxes. This will help with keeping track in making sure everything gets loaded and everything is delivered at your new home.
  • Arrange to have your utilities disconnected and reconnected at your new residence. (Telephone lines, Fibre, etc) One usually need to book these 3rd party services in advance.
1 to 2 Weeks before your moving date
  • On the moving day, procedures can move fast and one can lose track of where what must go. Identify an area in your home to place certain items and valuables you will prefer to transport personally. This will help proceedings run more smoothly on the moving date.
  • If you stay in an estate or complex environment; contact the landlord or body corporate and confirm that the removal company has permission to enter the premises with a shuttle truck, or be allowed to park in front of the estate.
  • Aim to get all the last packing done. Inform the removal company of any changes, like e.g. the increase in quantity of boxes and or any missed items that were not communicated on date of booking. Furniture removal companies will require this information to assure the correct size truck is allocated.
  • Drain all fuel from your garden equipment like lawnmowers as well as water from hose pipes.
1 day prior to the move
  • Remove all last perishables from refrigerator and freezer, dismantle appliances from wall, dry and clean after defrosting.
  • Finish-up on the last bit of packing of your personal belongings. Have the over-night bag ready.
  • Disassemble your furniture if you’re not making use of such service from the removal company. Remove for e.g items like wall brackets for televisions.
  • For insurance purposes; Take note of the quality of your belongings before it’s loaded on the truck. Take photos or short video clips of the items where one can identify scratches and dents. Rather be safe than sorry… (It’s important to know what insurance cover is specified on the Insurance Package you’ve chosen)
The moving day
  • Arrange that someone will be available to show the removal company around on their arrival.
  • Clean up. If you do not plan to make use of a cleaning service it would be good to keep the necessary cleaning products and vacuum aside for the aftermath.
  • Double-check all areas of your home and remember to take note of everything on your inventory list. Make sure all cupboards and closets are empty.

We wish you all the best with your planning. Feel free to follow our links for more tips and ideas on packing and prepping of your move.

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Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.

Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.