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Important tips to moving home

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Moving house will only be stressful if you allow it to be. Whether you’re moving a few blocks away or making a long distance relocation, it’s important to know what exactly you’re doing and where you are going. Planning ahead of time (we suggest 6 to 8 weeks at least) and communication with the right removal company is everything, the move itself will then go smoothly. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you with getting your move done and sorted, stress-free.

Step 1 – Your Inventory List

Before you can make contact with a furniture removal company or make any form of decision, you’ll require a complete list of the items that will be leaving your front door. It’s important to take note of all your belongings to the best of your ability. Write down everything that will be moved, including your favourite pot-plant… Indicate the estimate size and volume of your furniture. Just stating you have 1x Bed will not do. Removal companies need to know it’s for e.g. a 1x Queen size bed with 1x Base-unit, 1x Headboard, 2x Pedestals and 2x Bed-lamps. All of the information you provide determines an estimate volume, usually calculated in cubic feet (CFT). When the furniture removal companies have this volume, you are half way to getting things moving.

But how many boxes will I need for my move?

For starters, the list of furniture will give the removal companies a good indication on how many boxes you’ll require – It is however extremely important that you make it clear whether you will or will not have boxes as part of your inventory list, and that you’ll provide your own or it should be supplied to you.

A tip: Rather have more boxes than have small loose items that could get damaged along the way. (Feel free to download our Inventory List) Should you prefer, you can arrange with our amazing sales staff to come by for a visit to complete the Inventory list on your behalf.

Step 2 – Get Quotations

The removal companies will need your inventory list accompanied with the following basic contact details:

– Your Name, Surname
– Contact number
– Email address
– Collection & Delivery Addresses
– Preferred moving date

A tip: Usually, it’s cheaper moving during the middle of the month. (For more money saving ideas follow our 10 Money Saving Tips)

Notify the removal companies of the following necessary information:

  • Are you staying or moving to an Estate or Complex environment? If so, you might need to arrange for a shuttle service as they could have truck restrictions.
  • Advise if you are staying on an apartment level where there will be stairs and/or if there is a lift available.
  • Would you require boxes to be supplied and packed?
  • You might need extra help with the dismantling and reassembling of furniture.
  • Advise if you will require Insurance for your move? Make sure you understand the various types of cover.
  • Do you have a vehicle that need to be transported?
  • Or maybe have a pet that will require transport?
Step 3 – Choose well

When moving house the cost factor can escalate in any direction. You as client will concur that the financial aspect of any agreement is always a sensitive topic and everyone wants to save as much as possible. By gathering various quotations one will gain a good understanding of what the right price for a removal should be, thereafter one can determine a suitable budget and then decide on whether doing the move yourself would be such a good idea, or would contacting a professional removal company, AKA Primovers, retain better results.

Should you choose to handle the move yourself, there are a few things to think about. Say for example you’d prefer to rent a truck, one would need a specific license to drive the vehicle and you’ll require the necessary manpower and equipment to assist in lifting heavy furniture. By renting a trailer on the other hand, one should take in account the size of the trailer and determine if all your belongings will fit for a one way trip, especially when it comes to a long distance removal. If the move is going to be a couple of blocks away, one can drive a few trips with a reasonable sized trailer. (On that note, we do local moves too…) Take note of the weather; If using a trailer, one will need to think about covering your belongings to eliminate the possibility of damages that could occur. Keep in account the limitations on Insurance cover when it comes to personal handling of your belongings.

  • How to choose
    When taking the option to decide on a furniture removal company (Hopefully it will be Primovers), it’s key to do proper research first instead of just selecting the cheapest quotation offer available. There are various platforms where good and reliable removal companies would advertise. Google is your friend. Read up on reviews and take note of the level of ratings. One need to be very careful of scammers. If a company does not appear online or on a number of reliable social media platforms and their communication is unclear it is most probably someone taking their changes. In saying this, the cheapest offer on the table isn’t necessarily a bad sign. In many cases, since the removal companies hit the long road with very large trucks, they need to fill the capacity of the trailers in order to cover the total costs of the move in that way a very low offer could come your way, with the same quality of service, they just need to even out the cost element to make sure the long distance trip is worth it.
  • Bookings & Payments:
    On the date of the confirmation of move, one will require to confirm a moving date (subject to the availability of furniture removal trucks, shared loads & loading schedules), provide your signed documentation as contract, accompanied with your deposit. Most removal companies, including us usually require a 50% deposit on the date of confirmation of the move. It is perfectly normal for a removal company to request the balance of the amount a day prior to the collection date. In some cases one can make arrangements with the removal company to allow for transfer of the balance of payment to take place on the date of delivery. (Kindly note, furniture removal companies carry the right to withhold of delivering a client’s belongings, in the event that the client does not pay their bill in full and remember, every service provided has a price tag.) Should it occur that the client resist to pay before delivery you can expect penalties like for e.g. charge for extra handling of goods. Or if there was no communication on estate truck restrictions, the removal company will need to arrange for a shuttle service last minute resulting to unnecessary costs. We repeat, thorough, honest communication is critical. Therefore, choose well!!!
Step 4 – Start Packing

The last thing you’d want, is to run around a week before the move in order to get everything ready. If the removal company you selected will not be doing the packing for you, we’d suggest you get packing at least 5 weeks before the removal date. We have plenty of packing tips. Worried you might forget something? Follow our 8 Week Guideline.

Start by boxing the items you don’t use that often. That of which will be mainly garage items for example. The closer you get to the week before the move, pack more-and-more of the items you’ll be using less frequently, until all is boxed and ready to go.

Step 5 – Get a move on

On moving day one could forget about the more simpler arrangements like what could hinder a move going smoothly? What personal preparations can one put in place to make proceedings easier? Maybe ask a friend or family member to take care of the kids and/or your pets for the day. It’s a dangerous playground, especially when one start moving furniture around; and it will surely help you focus on the task at hand.

You will require moving equipment like trolleys, lifting mechanisms especially when choosing to do your move on your own. Another requirement will be to have enough experienced hands to handle your belongings. Adapt the right lifting techniques to eliminate hurting yourself. When hiring a removal company one can leave all of these elements to the professionals, AKA Primovers.

Step 6 – Start unpacking

Check the quality of all your belongings. Try to take photo’s of your belongings before it’s loaded on the truck and after delivery. This will come in handy when you’ve arranged for All risk Insurance, that covers for small dents and scratches. Tick off on your Inventory the items that’s delivered.

Step 7 – Relax

Why not celebrate by welcoming the Neighbours. Baked them cakes and invite them over. Just kidding, leave that for later. Sit back and enjoy your new home.

For more ideas and tips on moving, be sure to follow our links below.

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Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.

Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.