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Packing Materials Required for Moving House

Couple with boxes moving into new home smiling

The first step towards making your move successful is making sure it’s as simple as possible for the furniture removal company to handle your belongings to the best of their ability. If your items are not properly packed and wrapped, it’s extremely difficult for the removal company to load the truck. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail… For more information on making sure everything goes smoothly you can follow our 8 week guideline.

Many of the packing material stated below can be purchased or supplied by the furniture removal company of your choice. It will be good to communicate with them on what services will be complimentary and what you as client will require to arrange yourself.

Packing Materials Required for Moving House
  • Boxes
  • Crates (Optional)
  • Standard Box tape / Masking Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Furniture Covers
  • Packing paper
  • Labels or Stickers incl. Fragile titled labels
  • Permanent Markers
  • Your Inventory List

The number one rule behind choosing boxes is it has to be a reasonable size, -strength and -weight. Double wall boxes are your best bet. The following box sizes are a basic breakdown of what one can purchase for your move.

Small Boxes – Average Size (430mm x 280mm x 280mm)
These boxes can mainly be used for books, files, paperwork. Small but can handle heavy objects. Fits in all the gaps when loading the truck.

Medium Boxes – Average Size (560mm x 400mm x 300mm)
A furniture removal company’s first preference. Medium Size double wall boxes are the easiest to handle and has a comfortable capacity volume to make sure everything gets packed up. When loading the trucks these boxes can easily be stacked and placed between other furniture on the trucks making it easy to load and it doesn’t take up too much space.

Large Boxes – Average Size (900mm x 500mm x 500mm)
Large boxes are used for curtains, linen and garments. They can tend to be a bit bulky and difficult to carry as one will require two people to handle, but they are required.

Hang Packs Box – Average Size (1000mm x 480mm x 450mm)
Expensive but handy. If you don’t feel like ironing out all your clothing on arrival at your new residence, one can purchase these boxes for all your hanging clothing to save you from extra work. In some cases, one will need to buy the hang bracket separately.

But how many boxes will I need for my move?

When furniture removal companies calculate the price of a removal, they mainly focus on the CFT volume (meaning Cubic Feet) more than they’d focus on other determining factors like the weight of items for example. Each furniture item has a certain average amount of CFT. When the furniture removal company has a list of all your belongings, they will be able to determine the average quantity of boxes that will be required. That’s another reason why it is important to provide them with an in-detailed list of the items you require assistance with.

We’ve put together a very basic idea of how many boxes one could require for a move based on a standard home.
1 Bedroom Home – Estimate of 10x to 20x Boxes Required
2 Bedroom Home – Estimate of 30x to 45x Boxes Required
3 Bedroom Home – Estimate of 50x to 80x Boxes Required
4 Bedroom Home – Estimate of 80x to 110x Boxes Required
5 Bedroom Home – Estimate of 120x to 180x Boxes Required

Small Boxes – 20% to 30% of Total Boxes Required
Medium Boxes – 60% to 80% of Total Boxes Required
Large Boxes – 10% to 20% of Total Boxes Required
Hang Packs
– 2% to 5% of Total Boxes Required

If you are still not sure on how many boxes of what size you’ll need, there are also box kits available on the market that contains a combination of various box sizes as a package deal.

Crates (Optional)

Many furniture removal companies can arrange crates for the protection of paintings and items like pianos & organs. The downside however is it can get really expensive and not only that, it adds to the volume of the items and therefore increases the volume allocation on the truck that could evidently have an impact on the cost factor.

Standard Box Tape or Masking tape

In order to make sure you properly tape all gaps of the boxes closed, the best box tape to utilize would be proper 48mm or wider box tape. You wouldn’t want any of your boxed items to fall out so it will be good to have enough tape available. And remember it’s not only for the boxes but also for the wrapping of other items, so have enough rolls on hand. One should be able to tape approximately 15 to 20 boxes with one roll of 50m long box tape.

Bubble Wrap

When it comes to moving, this is an essential product that one will require plenty of. Usually furniture removal companies wrap items like paintings, mirrors, tv’s & appliances with bubble wrap. In some cases, they provide it as part of their offer and in other cases one need to buy this separately from them. It’s always for the better to try and protect your own belongings to the best of your ability.Standard Bubble wrap is flat on the one side and has bubbles on the other side. 1x 100m Roll should do, depending on how many items and how many layers one will be wrapping the items.
When wrapping your belongings, it’s key to make sure that the soft side of the bubbles are on the inside to sustain durability and protection of the item wrapped.

Cut with a scissors or to use it more sparingly, place the roll on a flat box and cut it using a craft knife. Some areas of furniture don’t necessarily need to be wrapped, so the main focus need to be to cover large flat surfaces (as the furniture removal company will need to place boxes and items on top of it during transit) and aim to wrap sharp edges (for example table legs).

Furniture Covers

A good reliable furniture removals company should provide you with plastic sheets for the covering of your coaches and beds. Whether they supply you with an invoice or supply it as complimentary, it’s very important that it does feature in your move. One can buy these plastic sheets yourself should you prefer.

Packing Paper

Use packing paper to wrap kitchenware, glassware, china & ornaments before placing it in boxes to eliminate the objects of braking due to rattling and sliding in the boxes during transit.

Labels or Stickers

When the box is closed it’s difficult to identify what goes where on arrival at your new residence. One can place coloured stickers on the various items & boxes to help keep track to where the items must be placed on arrival at your new residence. (E.g. Blue sticker items go to Room 1 and red sticker items to go to the garage)
Another idea is to make use of box tape or stickers marked with a “Fragile” indication for packaging. This can help the packers of the furniture removal company to recognise what boxes they should handle with care and place on top of the stack of boxes and not beneath where a lot of weight can be the cause of breakage.

Permanent Markers, Pen & Notepad

With a permanent marker, mark the box with a number and on a notepad write down the contents of the box. The furniture removal company doesn’t need to know about specific contents of the box. It’s for your eyes only.

And Remember! Your Inventory List is critical!

The most important information you should carry with you. Remember that the inventory list contains all the contents of your home. All the items in your home need to be on the inventory list. Yes, it’s not always easy to remember the heater in the back bedroom or the welding machine in the garage, but it’s important to take note of all your belongings to the best of your ability. It’s better to have more boxes than have small loose items that could get damaged along the way.

For more tips on moving house, be sure to follow more links below.

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Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.

Lets Talk

Don't be shy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll find the best option for you and your project.