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Hiring a furniture moving company is sure to save you many headaches. You already have so much on your plate, it only makes sense to let a professional team take care of your valuables. 

There’s no must in choosing a moving company to haul your things from your old home to the new one. If you’re simply moving a few items it would certainly be cheaper getting the family trailer out and doing your own thing, however, having a moving company not only speeds things up exponentially, you don’t have to do the bulk of the heavy work, which can be immensely taxing. ​

At Primovers we provide you with the ease and comfort of your next big move. No matter the challenge, we will help you make your move stress-free at the best affordable price.

If you require a quotation, please complete the contact form so that we can assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have. 

All across the country

National Route

We move your valuables anywhere in South Africa. Our trucks are dispatched from Cape Town and Johannesburg and covers the furthest corners of the country.
Expert packing

Packing Material

We supply packaging material on request. Whether your furniture is fragile, prone to scratches, made up of small compartments, or just plain special to you it’s vital to wrap it up the right way to ensure it arrives in good condition.
If you are planning on doing your own wrapping, please read the Packing Tips section on the Moving Tips page
Crop man sealing carton box
Couple moving into new house
Protect your belongings

Wrapping and Loading

We offer a wrapping service on request. We pack your breakables in white paper, into recycled boxes. All upholstered items as well as beds are covered with 80 micron thick plastic covers, for free. Any glass tops, TV’s, paintings and microwaves are covered with bubble wrap. After everything has been wrapped, all the furniture is then carried outside, to be loaded into an enclosed removal van, where all the furniture pieces are also individually wrapped with packing blankets, to prevent damage. Furniture and boxes are loaded and packed into the removal van on top of each other. This minimises damage and optimises the space. Removal ropes are used to fasten the load to ensure that nothing falls while in transit.
On time

Well-trained drivers and moving team

All our drivers are experienced and professional. Apart from the driver, each removal van has a team of five highly trained movers. With off-loading, the supervisor will loosen and offload the furniture and pass it the next person. After all the furniture has been offloaded, the team will assist you in placing the furniture where you want it.
Black man truck driver in the cab of his commercial truck.
Cover your belongings

Safety of your goods

All our vehicles are under constant satellite tracking surveillance. 
We offer secure and safe storage facilities, pest and plague free, at an additional cost. If storage is required, insurance has to be organised by the home owner, as Primovers will not accept any liability for goods stored. 

Included in our services, is Transit Insurance. This means that the client’s furniture is covered in the event of the following happening whilst the truck is in transit:

  • Overturning
  • Collision 
  • Fire 
  • Theft afterwards 

(Transit Insurance does not cover the following: breakages, theft, scratches, etc. It only covers if any of the abovementioned should occur) 

All Risk Liability covers any other risks. Should you wish to have All Risk Liability cover, you need to request All Risk Liability Cover in writing. All Risk Liability covers the following:

  • Breakages
  • Theft
  • Any other risks
Have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are covered for accidents whilst carrying your furniture from or to the truck, even without All Risk Insurance. Our Transit Insurance covers instances like this.

When travelling by truck, the speed limit is 80 – 100 km/h. We ask that you double the time of travelling for the truck, compared to a car. All trucks have to stop at all the Weigh bridges, and most of the times, they are held up for up to 3 hours, depending on how many trucks are ahead of them. 

You are probably booked on a share load, and all the loads get booked, but the schedule for the trip is only planned a week or two before the time. Because you get your move for much cheaper than normal, we have to optimise routes, pick-up orders and delivery orders. So you may be loaded last on the chain route, but will be delivered first. We will always try and move you on your preferred date, however on a share load, we ask that you are flexible with two days either way, if possible.

If quoted for on a share load, anything between 3 – 5 days.

Our quotation includes all labour for loading and offloading.


No need to worry. We have a specific formula to calculate how many boxes you will have, according to your Inventory List, and yes, it is already included on our quotation.


We don’t transport your pets ourselves. We will get three quotations from very reputable pet travellers and forward them directly to you, and the same goes for your car.

We always advise our customers to pack their personal belongings, and also an overnight bag, or whatever you will need for the following 3 – 5 days; the rest is all up to us. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Many clients stay in a security estate environment. The majority of these estate or complex units have weight restrictions and/or limited access to your home and therefore large trucks are not allowed inside. If the walking distance for the team handling your belongings need to walk more than 50meters from your front door to the truck, a smaller truck (Shuttle service) need to be arranged to assist in transporting your goods to or from the large truck standing outside of the estate.